Picbod 2013 exhibition roles

For the Picbod exhibition I was assigned in the Secretary Team where my role was to communicate with all the teams involved in the setup. My main participation was in keeping the common discussion thread organised and updated with relevant information from all teams, hold regular meetings and keep the minutes of each. Later on I got involved in the Media/Advertising Team with design of the poster and printing of flyers.
I always tried to make sure decisions were taken under everyone’s understanding. The meetings held in order to setup this exhibition didn’t always have full participation which made more difficult the communication of ideas and future plans.
In the days leading up to the opening night I was left with less time to be involved and thanks to some other dedicated individuals the curation happened on time.
I was briefly involved in meetings of other teams, such as Opening Night and Finance.

Since the 7th of March, if not exaggerating, I spent most of four days in the Fargo warehouse we had setup for the exhibition. The 7th was the day we were getting marked on our assignments. We spent the afternoon in the unit while having the chance to see everyone’s work. In the night I was there with Kate, Mellissa and Caroline discussing some last issues before the Opening Night.

On the 8th of March, I spent the morning to finish the video I would put along the prints. In the afternoon I went down to Fargo to install my work, as well as give some time off to people who were there all morning. While in Fargo I spent some time cleaning before we opened to the public.
Brian Meta and Ioana Bultoc from the Opening Night Team had set some shifts for the night. I did spend about an hour serving at the bar and welcoming people at the door.

Next day, the 9th I spent all day keeping the exhibition open with Caroline Walker, David Bird, Kate Green, while we had The Phobus coming down the exhibition with their car, for a special interview. In the morning the space needed some cleaning from the left over cans and bottles. We cleaned the space with Caroline and opened up to the public at 11. We closed at 18:00.

On the 10th we went back to dismount frames and clean the space. There was a new exhibition happening on the 11th so had to clear out. We started again early in the morning and finished at about 16:00. It was sure a tough job as the warehouse was colder that outdoors, temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees.

Throughout the four days I had setup a camera in various places recording stills, about 1 per minute and in the end about a week after I produced a timelapse video. The camera took about 3000 stills overall and putting them together wasn’t an easy task.

I am very happy with the outcome of this exhibition and the video off course. The time we all spent together for this made us come closer and know each other better. As a proof of this, a group of us is travelling down to Santander, Spain in June for the Picbod Santander exhibition. We are going to exhibit our work and meet the students who remotely took part in our online class.
The motive for this gathering was the students from Spain inviting us, but as we were all very happy with many aspects of this collaboration, we decided to take it a step further. We called Picbod Legacy for the time being and is a project running independently from Coventry University. We don’t know yet what will come, but sure is we all like art and travelling!

I will be soon updating with more information on the trip and exhibition.


#Picbod13 Exhibition timelapse

Photo by Lauren Thatcher
Photo by Lauren Thatcher

The timelapse I ‘ve been working on the past 4 days is released! This is a documentary from our exhibition in Fargo Village at Coventry.
The exhibition took place on the 8th and 9th of March and more than 40 people exhibited. Most of us are based in Coventry as we study Photography or Media Production. This exhibition was the culmination of our efforts in this term’s module. Picbod (Picturing The Body) is a free and open undergraduate photography class run at Coventry University.
It seeks to address complex aesthetic, creative and technical issues along with the visual messages associated with the photographic encounter with the body.

I produced this timelapse for the purpose of documentation and because I always wanted to make a big timelapse project.


#Picbod13 Exhibition from Joseph Kesisoglou on Vimeo.

Picbod | digital exhibition

My digital exhibition for #picbod13 is ready! I just spent a couple of hours coding this page. It’s a taster of what is going to be exhibited tomorrow in the installation. Have a look, feedback welcome.