searchform.php Modification

This is the php file that places a search bar on the header of this theme. I wanted the text inside the bar to be different and I added the “blog”. Then on the style.css file I set the font-style to italic


style.css / search form


functions.php Modification

The developer of this theme made some functions for the sidebar which I didn’t like. They looked like listing elements on the sidebar with the symbol } }. I located where they leave from the element inspector and tried to delete them. I backed up the file before and it turns out I did good.  The moment I saved the changes the blog crushed giving me an error. I went through FTP to the file and uploaded the original, reload the browser and it worked! After I realized that } is } in html I changed it for •  by three times.

footer.php Modification

One of the first things I did when I installed wordpress was to modify the footer area. I located the php file and deleted parts of text the developer had and put my new email from my host. Below is the code of footer.php.