Phonar Pre-task

#Phonar Pre-task:

Tell the story of your journey to school. Bring it to the first session to share.
– If you don’t go to school, tell your journey to work, or to anywhere for that matter.
– You can upload your images to your blog if you have one, or you can upload to flickr and share them with us in the #phonar group and by tagging ‘phonar’

I decided to use show you how I ride. Literally! In order to make it more interesting I used Vine to make 6 second clips of parts of my journey from home to Ellen Terry building, where the Photo area is. The clips were shot on the first day of Phonar (02/10/2013). Look closely on the last one and you will spot Ioana and Alex.

1. Coundon Rd. – Upper Hill St.

2. Hill St. Bridge – in

3. Hill St. Bridge – out

4. Hill St. – Corporation St.

5. Corporation St. – Hales St.

6. Fairfax St. – Cox St.

7. Ellen Terry!


#Picbod 3 | Nude and Naked

Building on the session workshops you should explore notions of Nude and Naked through your work. You should make at least one study of yourself and another of someone else. You will need to bring your experiences from task one and two to bear as you explore the dynamics of vulnerability vis a vis yourself, the subject and ultimately the viewer.

You should spend time observing the context for your subject. You should look for and work with the different types of light, tone and colour, both in terms of your location context and the effects they have on your subject and the subsequent photographic artefact.

Consider Paul Wright’s words on life drawing :
“Look at the subject away from the camera – soak up your subject”, “look for the lines that denote weight and gesture”, “consider echoes of movement in a gesture – the image can be messy and doesn’t have to be ‘picture-perfect’”.

A week past since Matt set the task and I haven’t had any inspiration. Nude and Naked is certainly a very interesting theme to explore, though I find myself struggling within the constraints of perfection and time. I like to produce perfect images; perfect in quite a few aspects. My control over photography can be painfully great! I consider composition one of the most important elements in my photographs. There should always be an ethereal connection between the elements in a photograph. Colours or shades of grey are the other most important element. I cannot say much about this because I don’t have a certain appreciation of specifics, they are more abstract. These sort of limits obviously don’t let me create what I want within a week.

The night before the lecture I booked a new lens. It was a Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 which made me very excited as it coincided with a clear sky. I have been wanting to photograph the moon for a couple of years now. I tried in the past with the 70-200mm f/4 but it wasn’t great. I spent about an hour, on the roof of a shed, making photographs and video of the moon rising.

A bit earlier I experimented with the lens’s big hood in a smaller lens of the same line; a 24-105mm f/4. The results were great! The hood was covering most of the sensor area (about 10/21MP), thus creating a perfect circle vignette effect.

At the end the day, I sat on desk, in front of the computer and went through the photographs. Just before I go to bed I had an idea. I combined bit of both and myself.

Self portrait, in my underwear sitting in front of my computer, composite with the moon, picbod

The inspiration behind this composite is the circle. My mind that day was more on the moon than the nude task. After reflecting on it, I found many meanings behind the particular shape. One strong connection I made was with my first response in picbod. The idea of someone observing from above our actions. As Matt Johnston commented “The omnipresent eye watches over the omnipresent screen”. In this case, the place of the omnipresent eye takes the moon.

Concerning the self portrait; This is the state you will find me almost every night just before I go to bed. Sitting in my underwear, because I decided to sleep, but just before I actually lie down I need to check again, I need to have a quick look at the screen. Maybe something changed, maybe I didn’t get enough satisfaction from the information-gathering today. Hooked up on the network, the same way an addict on drugs.

I am challenging my way of living, which of course doesn’t vary a lot from others. Our life is dramatically changing and my observations suggest, it takes time to notice the downside, through this great noise.

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