Fashion Project: Poster

One of our photographs was selected for the School of Art & Design’s stand in the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham.



Fashion Project: final shoot and editing

Final day, the 13th of November. We had some issues with the studio bookings, but managed to sort everyone out with help from Matt. Everyone was coming that day to the set. Models, make-up, the designers and us. The model prep took way longer than I though, but I couldn’t get involved as with  the change of plans we were shooting in a different studio than the one we rehearsed and with 2 less lights. Fortunately though this studio more spacious, approximately double the size. That gave us the freedom we needed to put 4-5 people in the frame. We manged to set a different lighting instantly. Then we had enough time to sort with the smallest of details.

These photographs are the final selection.

credits: Alice Martin-Smith, Theo Ellison, Joseph Kesisoglou

Fashion Project: test shots


The first day we experimented with the subjects on a black backdrop so as to eliminate any detail in the background. We tried different lighting and angles. After a long day, with not great results we decided that a white backdrop could bring out the colours better.


On the second day we experimented more with the white backdrop in order to set up our lighting and get ready for the final shoot.