Fashion Project: Poster

One of our photographs was selected for the School of Art & Design’s stand in the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham.



Fashion Project: final shoot and editing

Final day, the 13th of November. We had some issues with the studio bookings, but managed to sort everyone out with help from Matt. Everyone was coming that day to the set. Models, make-up, the designers and us. The model prep took way longer than I though, but I couldn’t get involved as with  the change of plans we were shooting in a different studio than the one we rehearsed and with 2 less lights. Fortunately though this studio more spacious, approximately double the size. That gave us the freedom we needed to put 4-5 people in the frame. We manged to set a different lighting instantly. Then we had enough time to sort with the smallest of details.

These photographs are the final selection.

credits: Alice Martin-Smith, Theo Ellison, Joseph Kesisoglou

Fashion Project brief: Meeting

This project is meant to be a collaboration between Fashion Design and Photography students. Fashion students were given an assignment for their module 240DVA – Fashion Promotion. They are to create garments and we have to photograph them. We were all split in 12 groups and then we went to meet our teams. I am in a group with Alice Martin-Smith and Theo Ellison and another four students from Fashion Design & Accessories. In the 240DVA brief, a theme and an artist were outlined, and each group were assigned to a set.

They had to design a garment each, scarves in particular, based on the given theme, and inspired a the artists work. Our group had Razzle Dazzle Wonderland as theme and Leigh Bowery as the artist to draw inspiration from. After all the garments of each group are designed and fabricated, they will be put together into one.

Photographic shoot
This assignment is a ‘live’ collaborative project involving all Stage 2 Fashion and Fashion Accessory students and Stage 2 Photography students at Coventry University.
Your groups will be paired with photography students at an initial meeting and students are expected to communicate on a regular basis with each other to build a working relationship.
You will use your Razzle Dazzle Wonderland research to build miniature 3 dimensional spaces. These spaces should help you consider photographic staging, sets and props (a la Tim Walker). You are asked to include your photographer in discussions on creative direction at all stages.
The Fashion products to be photographed are scarves which will be produced in 241DVA and 244DVA. As these will not be finished until near to the image deadline; you will have to do test shots using pieces of fabric to represent your scarves.
Fashion / Accessory / Photography students will need to get together to do a practice photoshoot. Students will need to decide whether they are going to do studio or location shots. If locations are to be used then these will need to be scouted and in some cases approval may need to be sought.
Groups also need to source models, define and communicate hair and make up looks for the photographic shoot. Student models should seriously consider whether it is appropriate to have images of themselves in their own portfolios.
A consent form must be completed by models and photographers at the outset for images to be used for Coventry University marketing purposes. A proforma will be provided for this.

After the photographs have been taken and submitted, our tutors would choose some of them that will represent Coventry’s School of Art & Design stand in the Clothes Show Live (7 – 11 Dec 2012 NEC, Birmingham).