Letter to Self (Summer Task 3)

Dear Joseph,

As much as I am looking forward to start the Photography course, I still don’t know what to expect. It scares me a bit I can say but the excitement is enough to forget the negative thoughts. I always liked taking photographs of nice moments in my life. I mostly liked the miracles of nature, the once you notice when you live the big city and move closer to nature. Now I am wondering what will happen when I start learning photography, instead of just stay with what I already have in mind. That is the scary part. I guess I am afraid of the idea on doing photography as a profession. Usually people fear the unknown and that is my issue.
On the other hand I don’t doubt at all that I will learn much about the history of photography and the people that surround its entity. Although I love photography I have no idea what is going on in the world of photography. I guess I was never that interested in others work because I was more enthusiastic with my progress on this field. I started out with digital cameras, but lately I had the chance to experiment with my dad’s 35mm film camera as well as a Diana F+ with 120 roll film. They haven’t been too much in use but it’s a different experience than digital. This one of the main reasons I want to start this course as soon as possible. I want to start learning all about fim photography, black and white, film processing and printing in the darkroom! Actually one of the reasons I chose Coventry University is because the degree is not just about digital media production but invests time in the classic photography.
On of my latest hobbies is reading books. I know I started a little late but I just read one during the summer and I got really interested in reading all sorts of books. I enjoy politics and I guess there is at least one photographer that has written something about politics or made a photo book about an incident. That is something I would like to start doing because it will with my english as well as educate me on these matters. Elly Clarke has recommended me a book already. John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” which I started reading during the summer.
I also expect to improve my skills to best possible extent and learn how to use digital SLR cameras, as well as various equipment which I didn’t have the chance to use before. I am interested to see what other photographers and artists have done so far as I am sure they are many different techniques.
Every day gets more promisising since I left engineering for photography. I noticed whilst in engineering that I am creative and that the time spent on that course didn’t let me focus on this kind of creativity. Photographs, videos, music are my interests and although engineering is creative as well, but not on this field. So I am convinced now that I will enjoy the course and rest aside my fears, as I progress in photography.

Kind regards,
Yourself from the past