Coventry Incinerator | Map 7

During my first year in Coventry, where I used to live in the university’s halls, I made a series of photographs documenting the sunrise from my window on the 8th floor. On a latter date I named the series “Coventry Sunrise Project” and I am still editing it. Part of the view from that window was a factory chimney. I was always curious, but never explored it. When I moved to the house I am currently living I noticed that the chimney was visible from the back window. It was only the third year when I found out that the chimney was part of Coventry’s Incinerator. I explored the area surrounding the incinerator about three times. On the last one I visited the facilities. It may just be a building; though watching it for the past three years from a window made me very curious about it. I didn’t explore this place because it was on the map. It was only after I visited it that I knew the incinerator could be part of my project. These photographs are spontaneous and I consider them a true reflection of my feelings about the given area. In order to show you how I experienced it, I am putting together some photographs of my previous project and the new ones, thus comparing my view of the incinerator in 2010 and now. Putting the photographs side-by-side helps me understand a lot about myself and the choices I make behind the camera, before and after, as well as how I perceive the world in different points of my life.

2010, digital/colour Coventry cityscape.  The sun is setting.

Coventry cityscape. Direction South-East. The sun is rising.

Coventry cityscape. Direction South-East. The sun is rising.


Coventry incinerator close-up. Direction South-East. The sun is rising.


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