Post-Photographic Portrait

The culmination of this module will be the production of a “post-photographic portrait”.

You should source and develop a subject whose story you tell through the production and broadcast of a “A Post-Photographic Portrait”; a phrase that we will investigate and clarify over the course of the module. Your decisions throughout  this process should build upon and further develop the work we’ve begun in creative workshop and throughout the lecture series. This process should be evidenced explicitly and succinctly on your blog as well

I have created 7 animated gifs for the remix task of Jonathan Worth’s photographs of author Cory Doctorow.

Also, as a concept of post-photographic representation I though using timeline.js from knightlab. This is a script in javascript which utilizes Google Spreadsheets for holding the data that will show on the timeline. The timeline allows all kinds of content to be embedded (text, audio, video, maps, tweet, photographs, links) and thus can become a successful transmedia story.


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