Phonar Pitch

version 2.0

Imagine if all the information accumulated within you, which forms the image of yourself, your existence, was copyrighted.

Every part that makes up your character, your thoughts, knowledge and skills is being borrowed by the people surrounding you.

Since the moment you are born you observe and imitate. We are designed by nature to evolve and in order to achieve this we copy and remix.

version 1.0
Since the moment we are born we observe and imitate.
You are a mix of two humans, who are mixes of other humans.
Imagine yourself in the place of a newborn.
You are sitting on the floor looking upwards.
Everything around is new, waiting for you to explore.
You make your first steps in an attempt to imitate the other
humans surrounding you.
You learn how to speak because others speak to you.
Most of these activities so far happened inside your family circle.
You grow older and get to interact with different groups of people.
Each person you meet gives you a new piece of information.
Eventually you are situated in a space like this one, feeling confident
of yourself, your thoughts, your knowledge, your skills.
All of them wouldn’t have been with you if not for other humans.
Imagine if all the information accumulated within you,
that gives shape to your image of your self, your existence
was copyrighted.

Imagine if all the means of communication and expression were restricted.Our copyright laws are not made in consideration of all these arguments.
Our nature dictates the mix of different elements for the new to be created.

For this module I have been very creative. I have barely touched a camera.
I have though used other people’s cameras and microphones, their eyes and ears.
It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our mutual understanding of our nature.

The work I will be presenting you is made used Jonathan’s photographs shot on film.
I used the digitized version. I have taken a whole 120 roll and cropped it in individual frames,
stacked them, and change the colours. I created then a frame animation and exported in GIF.
I have used the Processing programming language with code from other creators to manipulate
these files in unexpected ways. Finally I built an html/css page for them to be exhibited.


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