Spoken Narrative

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Record a personal story to share with the group.

You should speak your story in person and it’s telling should last approx. 2 minutes (if you prefer to record and publish in advance, that’s fine, otherwise it’s delivered live in session and stays within the closed group).

You should especially consider your choice of story/subject, your audience and your verbal delivery – in terms of your script, language, pace and intonation. No accompanying soundscape.

No pictures. Just a story.

I have decided to tell you a personal story. This story is only recent, but has taught me many things about myself.

Read! (transcript)

I love technology and any device electricity runs through, but my passion is hacking these devices, interconnect them and create new functions!

This story starts in early 2003 when my mother bought me a soldering iron. I had already discovered how R/C toy cars worked, and subjected several of them to my first experiments. I appropriated one car to a multi-colour flash light, and the rest I converted to a four-wheel drive, because two wasn’t cool enough. Most toys I fiddled with, were very simple and battery powered, which is why I can tell you this story today.
I will never forget when we moved to the new house. I secretly grabbed the packed stereo hi-fi and set it up, with my own set of speakers until I burned out the amp…

Later on I experimented with radios, video cameras and designed a miniature ski-resort with a working aerial lift! I received the first computer from my parents, which gave the chance to explore the internet! The sound of the 56kbps dial-up modem is associated with those memories.

In high-school I discovered the beauty in physics and exposed to the world of telecommunications. I decided to follow this direction in university and enrolled in Communications Engineering at Coventry University.

The first semester was great because I was very familiar with the material, I was even helping out classmates in study. Things went downwards at the end of the year. I failed most modules and I had to resit in the summer. On the second year I wasn’t excited about electronics anymore and hated programming. I was looking for a way out. Three months later I had unofficially dropped out the course.

I spent the next months exploring the infinity of the world wide web. I became member of several communities, BitTorrent networks, IRC chatrooms. I had a great time accumulating vasts amounts of information and how to find them. 5 months later I was still disappointed of my progress in the course and decided to take action.
I discussed my parents, which were very supportive of my decisions so far.

I researched courses offering photography. Coventry University was offering a course and after having a meeting with the director I went forward preparing a portfolio.

Three years ago I had the feeling I was leaving something behind. Today I am close to graduation and what I am taking with me is that photography is about links, communications and networks.

I am currently spending my time reading books on communication theory, new media art and net criticism. I am educating myself online, learn how to write code creatively and hack images and videos.



4 Replies to “Spoken Narrative”

    1. Cheers Hollie! By the way if you are interested to learn, i will be able to help. Also consider using the facility in the same format but, live or podcast to be broadcasted before the degree show. Like a radio show but with our photographic stories.

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