Phonar session eight

Guest Feature: Ian Macdonald by Jamie Macdonald
Guest Feature: Multi Media Director Matt Ford in conversation from Istanbul
In conversation with Pete Brook of Wired and Prison Photography.
Open forum and discussion.

Task: ‘A Post-Photographic Portrait’ or #BTF “Reflection
Preparation for next session: The Phonar Pitch

Ian Macdonald by Jamie Macdonald

aggregated lecture notes from:
Jonathan Worth
Melissa Stapleton
Ioana Bultoc
Alex Edwards
Lauren Thatcher
Melissa Santos
Kate Green

Matt Ford, Interactive Media Director at Vignette Interactive with Jonathan Worth and Alex Mason

aggregated lecture notes from:
Melissa Stapleton
Muhammad Talha
Alex Edwards
Melissa Santos


In conversation Pete Brook of Prison Photography and WIRED

This week we caught up with the writer and #phonar collaborator Pete Brook .  He shares what he learned when he took his blog “Prison Photography” on the road and  introduces us to Michelle Vignes, the French photographer who was the very first staff member of Magnum.


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