Phonar session five

Seminar : Case studies, Wasma Mansour and Dalia Khamissy
Guest Feature: Aaron Guy
Technical Workshops: Open Surgery
From the Archive: NY Photographer and Film-maker Brian Palmer in conversation

Task: ‘A Post-Photographic Portrait’ or #BTF ‘Reframing the Present’
Preparation for next session: Shahidul Alam “My journey as a witness”

Lebanese photographer Dalia Khamissy talks to Jonathan Worth about her work “The Missing” , which focuses on the 17,000 people who went missing during the 1975 -1990 Lebanese civil war.

Saudi born photographer Wasma Mansour talks to Jonathan Worth about her “Single Saudi Women” project.

a selection of my tweets:

digital storytelling tools:

aggregated lecture notes from:

Melissa Stapleton on Dalia Khamissy

Aaron Guy

aggregated notes from Matt Johnston

Working with the Archive
Matt Johnston speaks with Aaron Guy on his work on the Mining Institute’s Photographic Archive

Working, Void


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