Phonar session three

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Seminar: New Media New Journalism : visual journalist vs photographer
Stephen Mayes , Fred Ritchin and Jonathan Worth in conversation for the open and online class Phonar.

Guest Feature: Stephen Mayes on the Tim Hetherington.

Technical Workshop : Audio for narration and post-production – the following link is to Dave Clark‘s excellent technical resource “MultiMediaTrain”
From the Archive : Catching up with Documentary Film-maker Adam Hopkins.

Task: ‘Spoken narrative
Preparation for next session: Listen to Nursery nurse Lisa Potts’ recounting a machete  attack on the children under her care in 1996.

selection of my tweets:


excerpt from my critical response on the lecture:
(rest will be published soon on this blog)

The photographer of the 21st century ceases to be a supplier and becomes, what Fred Ritchin calls, a meta-photographer. The later is not just responding to an event but participates, even alters the course of events by being present. With the advance of digital imaging, photo manipulation became common practice and photography lost it’s ability to tell the truth. Technology though has allowed an individual to make use of multimedia for disseminating information. The use of audio, video, image, GPS and the ability to tell a story in real-time using online platforms, shape one as a credible witness. The same technology allowed one to record an event, while become the editor and publisher of its own material.


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