Phonar Pre-task

#Phonar Pre-task:

Tell the story of your journey to school. Bring it to the first session to share.
– If you don’t go to school, tell your journey to work, or to anywhere for that matter.
– You can upload your images to your blog if you have one, or you can upload to flickr and share them with us in the #phonar group and by tagging ‘phonar’

I decided to use show you how I ride. Literally! In order to make it more interesting I used Vine to make 6 second clips of parts of my journey from home to Ellen Terry building, where the Photo area is. The clips were shot on the first day of Phonar (02/10/2013). Look closely on the last one and you will spot Ioana and Alex.

1. Coundon Rd. – Upper Hill St.

2. Hill St. Bridge – in

3. Hill St. Bridge – out

4. Hill St. – Corporation St.

5. Corporation St. – Hales St.

6. Fairfax St. – Cox St.

7. Ellen Terry!


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