Student mentor opportunity

In April I was asked by my tutor Caroline Molloy to assist her in the lighting sessions she was doing for the first year’s module, Working With Light. I find this a very interesting opportunity as I know how the studio works and always enjoy teaching. We agreed upon 4 dates, once a week, commencing on the 16th of April till the 7th of May where photographer Michael Collins would come in to give a lecture and workshop on large format cameras. Unfortunately I working at Media Loan Shop during the lecture but I had the chance to be at the workshop. He gave me some great tips, as I consider using one for a long term project.

First session with Caroline and first year students, we did an induction to the studio and went through all the health and safety procedures. I explained how one is meant to power on and off the light heads and all their key features. Caroline had booked all the necessary equipment so as to demonstrate the creative control you can have in a studio. After I went through the basic steps in order to change a light shaper, such as light box, snoot or an umbrella the students used the studios on a brief set by Caroline.

Second session, on the 23rd of April, I was assigned with a group of students and Paul Smith to go on location and make use of the different conditions you can find outdoors. Outdoors can be harder to master as the lighting conditions are not 100% under your control. Paul split the students in two groups and gave them a brief.

Third session I took part in was with George Rippon, on the 26th April on location. This time the brief was different as the students had already done some work on their own. I helped the students to practice more with mixed lighting and more than one subjects.

On the 30th of April, the fourth session, I helped the students to make a task that involved personal objects , while making use of the practices learned so far in the studio. I was available to assist with any technical difficulties they might have. The students seem to have picked up the information quite fast. Light is the most important principle of photography. Understanding the ways it works and how you can control it creatively will certainly change the way one photographs.

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