Hereward College Summary

Hereward College (Honorary Appointment contract)
Peer Support Team promotional video
Camera, Sound, Editing
October 17th, 2012 – May 8th, 2013

Day 01: 17th October (visit Hereward College)
Logged on a previous post.

Day 02: 24th October (visit Hereward College)

Day 03: 05th December (filming)
We visited the college to film a fashion show organised by the students. The PST was involved as well in the show. We haven’t started yet official filming and interviews as their new t-shirts haven’t arrived yet.

Day 04: 12th December (filming)
Filming of the T-shirt launch event. Students who participated in the event are Robert Dawes, Lucy Stephenson, Rotimi Sosan, Charlotte Shakespeare, Melissa Holland, Laura Bartley, Jordan Sanders, Lisa Strange, John Dorrigton, Luke Somerville. We shot general footage of the lauch event.

Day 05: 09th January (filming)
Filming of the group in reception – George Cripps, John Dorrington, Jordan Sanders, Lucy Stephsenson, Luke Somerville, Robert Dawes and Rotimi Sosan. Filming of the group who was doing the training but I cannot remember who was at the session. For purposes of documentation we put the students in the reception to welcome as as we step in the college. The camera is moving slowly from the yard and indoors were it meets the students smiling and waving at it. Other students are discussing in the background.

Day 06: 23rd January (filming)
Lucy Stephenson and Lisa Strange interviewed in the Reception area. Also some random filming in Room 32, TV studio with trainees, Refectory, Rec Centre and Reception. This was our first interview with students. We had explained them prior to filming ways to feel more comfortable in fron of the camera.

Day 07: 30th January (filming)
Robert Dawes interviewed in Room 32, then in one of the quiet rooms. Then George Cripps interviewed in Café Mojo. Today we made two individual interviews. We also initiated the CRB process by signing the form.

Day 08: 06th February (visit of PST at Coventry University)
We arranged for the students to visit the Ellen Terry building. We gave them a tour all around in order to show them how we work in our environment. They had session in the radio studio thanks to Paul Atkins.

Day 09: 13th February (filming)
We interviewed Laura Bartley in the refectory of the college. We deliberately chose a quiet moment after the lunch brake to make the subject feel more comfortable and off course eliminate unwanted sound. So far we have been recording HDV 1080i@50 video on tapes. I am considering to switch to digital cards as they offer us more capacity with less transfer time to the computer.

Day 10: 13th March (filming)
First day we filmed in memory cards and we had some issues syncing the memory module to the camera. The issue was solved after a bit of research on the internet.
We staged Induction week with Lisa Strange, Laura Bartley, Natalie Parr, Rotimi Sosan, Lucy Stephenson, Jordan Sanders and George Cripps. Natalie Parr was also interviewed on her own, in Café Mojo. Because the PST project video started after the induction week we didn’t hold to any footage and as PST’s participation on this event is very important we had to stage the induction week. We used other students to act as non-members of the team. At some point I gave the boom mic to a student, as he’s eager to study media, I thought he would enjoy participating.

Day 11: 20th March (filming)
Jake Leonard, Shannon Yates & Robbie Fleming were interviewed together in Café Mojo. Charlotte Shakespeare and Nusrit Shaheen were interviewed together in one of the quiet rooms. We used again the memory modules for this interview. This time we didn’t have any technical issues. At this point we were conductiong the interviews without any issues.

Day 12: 17th April (filming)
We are near the end of filming. Clair had to leave for New York and we wouldn’t have access to the Sony Z5 and Z1 as well as the microphone and the tripod. In order to be able to shoot I took the decision to loan a Canon 5D from the media loan shop. I also used edirol mics to record better sound. We interviewed members of staff: Steph Kendrick – head of SEDD (Social and Emotional Development Department) and Jon Clugston – Vice Principal Student Independence and Progression. They gave us a broad interview covering many topics and appropriate context for the creation of the PST.

Day 13: 24th April (filming)
Final day of filming at Hereward College. We interviewed Jay Joshi and Melissa Holland.

Day 14: 29th April (video archiving, convert tapes)
I spent the following two days to get the footage off the tapes. As the aquisition of the footage in linear, I had later on to split the one file into many so as it is easier to transfer and edit. 9GB files are very messy to move from one system to other, like Windows to OSX and vice versa.

Day 15: 30th April (video archiving, convert tapes)

Day 16: 01st May (editing)
The following days we spent with Alex Daskalova editing the video into the a final product. It was a very hard task as we had to go through almost 4 hours of footage which took more than 50GB memory space.

Day 17: 02nd May (editing)
Day 18: 03rd May (editing)
Day 19: 6th May (editing)
Day 20: 7th May (editing)
Alex spent time to find appropriate music for the video. I completed the effects process and exported the final file. Alex bought treats for our guests and I made sure the A/V equipment worked fine.

Day 21: 8th May (editing, PST video premiere)
We invited the PST to Coventry University to watch the video for the very first time. It was a very good for all of us, as we had managed to submit before deadline, a product that they really enjoy and thought fits their objective. We received very good feedback from students and staff.

Feedback from John Keenan

I was most impressed with your work with Hereward College particularly the way you built positive relations with the students and staff at the college. This human touch is very important in the industry and shows you are a caring and thoughtful person and such characteristics do not go missed by employers. You saw the project through and worked well with Alex in particular. It was very much a project you had to be self-motivated in and this quality you have demonstrated. The final showing was all your planning and you worked hard on the event and showed a professional attitude to making sure everything worked. The finished product has a professional feel. You worked with the client very well and listened and so gave her something she could use. All round – excellent work.


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