Fresh@CU: Camera Operator

This is probably the last day of professional experience that can be taken into account for this module. Certainly it is not the last time I will work in this field. This opportunity is also my second involvement with video, in a professional level, after Hereward College’s Peer Support Team video. George Rippon of Fresh gave me the opportunity to operate a fixed camera for two interviews within Coventry University’s campus. We interviewed a staff member and a member of Coventry City Council.

still from interview, camera 2

This time though it was different as I worked with two Media Production students and George, where all had done similar activities at some point. This environment gave me the chance to witness how a crew films in these instances, the occasional jargon and off course timing.

They day started early at about 09:15. We picked some extra equipment from Media Loan Shop and headed to Fresh’s office to sort out batteries, chargers, memory cards and lighting equipment. I would also be responsible for lighting. We got with us a Kino Flo light which we didn’t use, instead we used a reflector in one of the scenes. The weather unfortunately didn’t allow us to film on location, thus we had to adapt to indoors environment.

still from interview, camera 1
still from interview, camera 1

In between the two interviews we had enough time for a break, which gave us the chance to re-charge batteries and download the video clips to the computer. It also gave me time to meet better the people I was working with and discuss about related topics.

We shot both interviews in The Hub, student union building. The first interview was easier to make as it was still early and the building was quiet. The second interview was more challenging in terms of sound. The tie clip mic could pick up sounds from high pitched sources.

still from interview, camera 2

On this interview after assisting in framing the subject, I was holding the reflector to make sure our interviewee was adequately lit from both sides. As we shot this in a space surrounded by glass windows, floor to ceiling, there were only a couple angles that we could work with, mainly because of reflections. On top of this, the windows had there frames which created a grid and that was challenging in terms of composition. There is nothing worse than converging lines, or non-parallel lines if they are not part of the creative brief. They can essentially distract the audience of the interview and it is very easy for human beings to detect a stray line.

A I mentioned earlier, this was a job I would gladly do again as there are a lot more to learn in terms of technical issues. This past year I have worked a lot with video and editing and it is medium I really enjoy in all its stages.


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