Work.Rest.Play concept

The artefact must demonstrate the student’s ability to integrate 3rd party gallery software (of your choice) to interactively display various sets of original photos (Digital Work / Rest / Play)). These must be displayed via the open source blogging software – but can also be displayed via static gallery pages hosted on your server space.

I have decided what I will be producing for this brief. Digital Work would obviously be for me the easiest theme to pre-visualize as I do a lot of my work is computer based; the predominant digital platform.
I will be producing a timelapse video that documents me while working on the computer. In order to make the concept more interesting, I will be working on this module’s assignment. One practice is sourcing material for the other and both are sourcing material for the assignment. There is an interconnection between them.

For Digital Play I will produce a set of images manipulated in a hex editor or other software that was not meant to be used for digital images. This technique is called databending and is based on the principals of circuit bending, simply a hack. These results of such techniques are by a great percentage, if not 100%, random. I have noticed that the longer you play with the editor, the more you know what to expect. but never the exact.
Also, I will make use of website which generates true random numbers from inputs such as atmospheric noise. They offer a random string generator, whose values I will be adding in the code of the images.
Finally, I will be making animated gif files, whose theme I haven’t selected yet.

For Digital Rest I am documenting myself resting while using digital technologies. The concept is similar with digital work but it will be still images. The idea is to show how idle we look in front of the computer.


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