Minor changes

I made minor changes to the css file as recommended by Christopher Trafford on his comment.  I added colour to the links (with #content a:link) on top of each post, in order to differentiate the categories, time and date from main text of the post. In the future I will either change the font or simply put a background to make the more distinct.

screenshot minor changes css code

To answer his comment, the images pulled from flickr on the sidebar, that seem to overflow are an intentional design decision. The idea is to make it different and “break” the minimalistic but also monotonous design I have done so far.

The category titles are something I want to change as the developer of this theme had styled as code. The main issue for me was that they are embedded in the php code with some functions I am not familiar yet. I tried a few times and I broke the blog. Luckily I had a backup. Also I managed to remove some of these pointed brackets at the navigation element and in the sidebar. When I have more time I will learn the functions and change them. fixed

The bottom border is a good idea to differentiate meta from body, although I have to create a new div tag for meta as it doesn’t exist so far. Lousy developer…

edit: Just found some time to deal with the div id content and gave it a make over. After I added the class .post .date on the CSS code, I added a background, colour #f1f1f1 with a dashed 1 pixel border, pushed the .post .title inwards with padding-left of 7 pixels.

Further down added .entry a:link so I can give some colour when hover the links of the post entry, as well as remove the underline styling from the post.

screenshot of css code

screenshot of css code


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