CSS Modification #header

I have done several modifications to the stylesheet in order to learn how CSS works and of course add a personal touch. I will start explaining from top to bottom.

I decreased the height by about 3 times. It was taking up a lot of space from the blog without actually using it for anything. The header tag has also a border-bottom property which was set to 3 pixels, solid line and I changed to 2 pixels. I also changed the colour from #dadada to #f1f1f1 which is the shade of grey I ‘ll be using mostly.

.site title .description
Then I had to do some changes to the site title and the description classes so they sit well on the adjusted header. Other than the obvious changes, the rest is only for aesthetic reasons. I explain my decisions in the code within the comments.



screenshot of blog's header area



screenshot of blog's modified header area

All the changes described on this post and this post consist of the #header modifications.

Click here for the complete style.css file

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