Fresh@CU: Website Research

I have been given a job from Paul Smith, course director, while still working for Fresh@CU, to make an extensive research on websites that offer media related jobs or internships. The aim was to find which websites, were active and worth for graduates to check for opportunities.

There is an application being developed at the moment which will feature my findings. This application which will be available for iOS, Android and Web will feature feeds from the best job finding websites with criteria set by the user.

The application will be released on 16th May 2013 and for the release an animation was created by Matt Johnston with the screen shots I provided.

These screenshots were also used to prove the state of each website at the time of visiting. I had to evaluate every website from 0-5 and add many relevant information about the service they offer in a spreadsheet.

spreadsheet screenshot

I had to find if they have RSS feeds in order to pull the feeds in the app, which sector the website specialised in, subject, titles, date of visit and the overall rank. My final decision for every website was mostly based on the type of jobs offered and the frequency. In order to make the app useful to graduates it’s needed to have up-to-date sources and many to offer.

The app will be pulling 80 feeds simultaneously and will have all the necessary tools to navigate through the entries.

For this job I got payed for two days and it was one of the most intense in order to meet the deadline. Even if I spent a few minutes to locate the information I had to go through 200 websites. It worth it though as now I know which website is good or not.


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