Fresh@CU: Coventry University Conference

This time I worked with George Rippon on a Coventry University conference that guests were higher education teachers and main speaker vice chancellor Madeleine Atkins. The conference we documented was also a chance to showcase the new engineering building to the public.

We spent some time in order to get the best equipment with us. We couldn’t use flash and it was a main concern as the fastest, longest lens we had for the Canon system was down to f/4, though the Nikon system George was using was a stop faster at f/2.8.

Equipped with two cameras, two 200mm tele lenses a wide 17-40mm for close up shots, a few batteries and cards we started the shooting at about 16:00, when the guests arrived. My main duties were to document the guests while they were observing student projects and then the talk held in the next room. In the end they was a guided tour around the new building which was actually a good opportunity for me, as it was the first time I got in.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few days after the event I started editing down to the best images and then retouching them, to look more vibrant and bright. Then I met with George were continued editing and finally selected some of mine and some of his to give back.


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