Core Project

Building on previous experience and concerns, your task is to make a piece of work, which integrates your personal interests with an assigned site in Coventry. To help clarify your personal response, you are encouraged to research your site fully before you start taking photographs, using local social and cultural history, myths and/or the landscaped geography as starting points.

Your project needs to be lens based but there are no restrictions about which direction you develop your project; it has been specifically designed to encourage your own personal interests and direction. However, it needs to be original to you. You are advised to use this flexibility as an opportunity to explore your own photographic direction and investigate an area of photography, which interests you. The presentation of your project should be appropriate to its development.

After changing my plans I decided to set my project on Map 7. Initially, I didn’t consider Map 7 as a possible candidate because it is close to City Centre of Coventry, which I though I new very well. I was planning to base my project as further away possible from the City Centre. The reason was because I wanted to explore new grounds. Also the fact that since the beginning of the term I own a bike, made me eager to investigate and document new places.

Map of Coventry. Google Maps. Designated documented area.

to view original PDF click here

to view the Core Project click here


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