Fresh@CU: Photographing Graduates 2

We had a few more meetings in order to test a working lighting setup and layout of the subjects in the room. Media Production course had more students than any other reaching the limit for the room. We spent a few good hours setting up the lighting on Studio A, and then Studio B, where the portraits took place.

Alex Mason was the photographer on this studio and Kate Green on the group photographs. Hollie Woodward was assisting in the process of selecting photographs with the families and Jenny Swerdlow was accepting the payments and their contact details. On Studio A, Lee Hassall was in charge of payments and I was making sure the contact details forms were working as they should.

With this simple spreadsheet on Google Drive we managed to collaborate 4-5 computers without issues and certainly lost data.

The information kept on the spreadsheets was Name, Address, Print Size, Amount of Prints, Payment. Some of the columns were for us to complete and some for the graduates. We kept a different version for each course so as to minimize the amount of input data and misplacement of information by the users of the interface.



The night was successful, at about 19:30 we were packing up. A few days later we started editing all the photographs, and preparing them for printing, packaging and posting. Only minor issues on the way, nothing too serious to be solved. The team worked very well!


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