Fashion Project: Progress and Planning

After we met the first time with Fashion students, we discussed their ideas and they gave us some inspiration to consider. I can say they are very cooperative so far. That can only be good if we are to collaborate. I went to the library and got my self everything I could find on Leigh Bowery. I did some research on these photographers; Tim Walker, Johnny Rozsa and Louis Lander-Deacon. As I was never into fashion photography I have no influences, apart from the classic magazine covers. Researching before we make this photographs is helping me creatively a lot.

According to Leigh Bowery’s work we are going to use studio or indoors in general. Aida and Yasmeen, from the fashion group also informed me that they want to use about 4-5 people in the shoot. To be h0nest that might create some space issues in the studio but that is why we booked it for test shootings on the 9th and 12th of November. If we get get studio on the 13th we will have enough time for edit and post, before we submit.

In general the garments will be very colorful, as well as the props. From experience, I think that it could be challenging.


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