Hereward College | Video Project | Day 1

First day of this project, Alex Daskalova, Claire Wallis and I visited Hereward College with John Keenan. The Peer Support Team was waiting there for us with treats! Cynthia G. Laycy was our supervisor on this project and she set the brief. We were given a list of events and activities the Peer Support Team, PST from here and onwards, were usually doing in parallel with their curriculum in order to document.
The PST is a group of students in Hereward College that helps new students adapt in their new environment as well as help resolve any issues that come up between the students as a social entity.
In collaboration with Coventry University they wanted to produce a video that explores the idea of what it means to be a Peer Supporter and help promote the Team throughout the student body.
After discussing with students the possible outcomes of our collaboration they gave us examples from other school videos, as a taster on what they were after.
We then held a discussion with Cynthia so we could give her our point of view on this matter. She also explained to us that working with students will require from us to do a CRB check. Once this is done we will get a card to get in and out of the school easier.
We decided we would be filming every Wednesday from 13:30 till 16:00. The idea is to get shots from their activities and then start making individual and group interviews of the members. We will also interview staff members asking their opinion.


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