Masters of Lighting

Portrait Workshop (Group 2)

Last Thursday we had a portrait workshop. The workshop was intended to refresh our knowledge on lighting as well as enhance our abilities in  collaborating in a studio environment. We were split in 4 groups and given 20 portraits to deconstruct and recreate. We used shared documents so can collaborate and create a small how-to, with technical information.

We were given the basic studio equipment, a camera, a basic set of lights, a light meter and of course the studio. We were free to use any other light shaping equipment and useful tools for the shooting. In order to get the full experience of the given situation, we rotated and everyone had the chance to either take the photographs, assist with the lights, use the light meter and of course the secondary, but extremely useful task of modelling and keeping notes.

Below are the portraits we chose to recreate for the task.


Before we started setting up the lights, we discussed how each particular portrait was initially lit. For better results we also used a tripod and a white reflector in some of the portraits. My guess is that we could use more light shaping equipment for better results.

1st portrait


subject on a grey background, two grey flags from the left side, a light with a half opened umbrella from the right side

ISO 125

2nd portrait


subject against a white background, a grey flag from the left side, low key light from the right

ISO 200

3rd portrait


subject on a grey background, light with half opened umbrella from the left (high up), white reflector on the right paralleled to the light’s direction plane

ISO 200

credits: Alex MasonAlice Martin-SmithEleanor ImmsHeidi Culverwell, Tania MerrimanJoseph Kesisoglou


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