Task 2 – Human Presence Still-lives

Revisit your chosen location again devoid of human presence. This time you should look for the evidence of its erstwhile inhabitants and produce a series of photographic still-lives of this subject matter.

You can document the artefacts in situ or away from the site (whichever you prefer), naturally/ artificially lit or a combination thereof, the crucial thing is that when we look at these items they should appear as something entirely new to us and drenched in the magic of your location and redolent of the way that you see the world.

You should again apply the knowledge garnered throughout Level One, drawing on inspiration from the range of artists and practitioners so far covered as well as your own research and investigations. You should continue to develop your own practice within the module and strive to communicate your unique vision of the world.

When this task came up I couldn’t find a way to follow the brief in a realistic way so I decided to change the theme and the location. I used a storage room situated at the back of the garden. This storage room/parking space is full of old used materials of any kind; doors, beds, tiles, chairs and some old tools. I liked the idea of investigating the things individually and start imagining their previous use inside the house was. I am sure they had their days of glory, but now are retired and left to rot.

For this task I used a Diana F+ with colour and B&W 120 rolls and the pinhole setting. It is so simple you just have to take the lens off and use the pinhole ring on the aperture. I used a flashgun that came with the kit on some the photographs.

In order to support Task 2 I made some photographs according to Task 1 brief to fill any possible gaps.


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