Task 1 – Human Presence

This is the first task we were assigned to for the module ‘Working With Light’.

Consider a place which, when populated by certain individuals or groups of people, is transformed momentarily. It may be a public space where people convene or a private space where for instance; a liaison takes place between two lovers.

Now investigate photographically, the personality of this place when it is devoid of human presence.

You will have little control of the light with your hand-made camera and so you will have to test and learn how it interprets the world. Through your testing you will begin to understand how the pinhole records an image and very quickly to project this vision onto your subject, before the negative is made. This understanding is what we refer to as pre-visualisation. It is especially important when working with such rudimentary equipment as (unless you make a more sophisticated version) your camera will have only one exposure in it.


My response to the task:

One day I we had some guests over at the house, and because the weather was good we decide to have dinner in the garden. When everyone finished eating an idea came in mind. I didn’t let anyone to clean up the table and send in to make some coffee. I went straight to my room and loaded the pinhole camera with a 5 x 7 resin coated, black and white paper. I used a garbage bin to keep the camera steady slightly higher than the table’s level and took a picture of the table. The table was full of cans and plates, some leftovers and glasses but no people.

I made three photographs with different exposure times, because my camera was still under construction and I didn’t have the time to test it. In this way I recorded a place that was devoid of human presence. When in the darkroom I found out that I needed less exposure time and because I couldn’t recreate the moment I used the best one only. It took me too much time to make a good contact print but it was exciting to find out that my new pinhole was working well enough. I still need to make some modifications to the shutter but here are the results.



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