George Carlin said once the fairly simple phrase

“Men are from Earth,
women are from Earth.
Deal with it.”

I think this so simple phrase can apply to all people with any kind
of difference from the average looking people of the earth. That is
the criterion of discrimination. When someone does not look or act
the same way the majority of people do, he is a stranger. The worst
part is when people fear of the different and their inner phobia comes
out in the the form of racism. Disabled people, or people with special
needs (I am not standing on the name) are the same with everyone else.
If we only struggle to give them a proper name… that is discrimination
against them, in the same way is, to isolate them or not treating them
as equal.

So I will go ahead and say, we are all from Earth, we have got the
same roots, the same material, it’s time to deal with it, otherwise
we can’t say we are evolved and civilised.


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