Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986) – A critical review

Blue Velvet (1986) – David Lynch

Blue Velvet was a really strange and complicated movie. The only
connection I made with the title was a woman’s robe, which was blue and
perhaps velvety.

Storywise, if it wasn’t for Lynch’s vision to portray a story in such a way,
I can’t say there is much to it. Initially I felt really confused, as I have done
in the past with other films of his.

The story builds up after the main character finds a human ear in a field.
He starts a quest in order to find out why the ear was there in the first place
and possibly that symbolises how sometimes a person gets tackled over
something unexpected and unusual. Day by day he becomes more like a
detective trying to find the truth, only to get deeper. He soon discovers a
different reality than his. The underworld of the small suburban town he
resides starts unveiling to him enough to drag him in.

I really apreciate the way Lynch is making films. The film is slow paced,
long shots throughout the movie help you take in the information.
The lighting is quite dark, often from a low position, to add a visual effect to
the sinister world the character discovered. The plot in non-linear which is
not helping too much, especially if you are not too concetrated. Though I
must say every technique employed by the director serves a reason.

A few words about the actors; I believe Dennis Hopper was great. He adapted
perfectly in this role. He seemed the meanest guy ever! The main character,
Kyle MacLachlan wasn’t bad at all. I wasn’t that excited with Isabella
Rossellini’s acting.

Basically it’s the acting that could make the movie better for me, as I didn’t like
the story too much, though I appreciate the delivery method. Thought
provoking it was, in comparison with Hollywood blockbusters that just give you
everything ready.

On that matter, I read a couple of reviews on the movie and as it seems it helped
understand the movie better. Because the plot is non-linear, when introduced to
something new, it’s quite difficult to get what will happen and the only chance is
at the end of the movie, if lucky enough. I found out more information regarding
the human ear and the most difficult… the bugs in the grass! The concept with
human ear made gave a feeling of getting into and out of a nightmare, as the
camera zooms in the ear in the beginning of the movie and zooms out of the main
characters ear. In a way, we were in his thoughts, or just his world as the story
unfolded. The bugs though might symbolise the underworld inside a society,
even as small and close community as the one we where in the film. Only too
difficult to observe from the outside.

To summurise I would definetely watch the film once again in order to understand
it better, but to be honest it didn’t drag me in. I didn’t get that excited with the
story though the way it was told was great!



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