Final Letter to Self

Dear Joseph,

It’s May; the course’s first year is about to come to an end, while everyone is blogging constantly. It is an interesting sight, kind of funny, but after all is the fruition of our efforts. Our journey in photography has just started and we are looking into the world from a different point of view, a more mature one.

I hope everyone’s dreams have become a reality because that is what I hoped for me a year ago. I struggled with my thoughts whether what was right or wrong. If I should quit engineering for photography, essentially something I was passionate about, or if that would be a totally stupid thing to do. But here I am, one year and a couple of months later, standing on a vantage point, able to judge, with a clear mind, off the complexities of stress and bad dreams.

Almost finished the first year of something new. Something that I fought in order to get hold of and now it’s in my hands. We are all our own masters and it’s up to us to shape the image of our past, to make use of our present and to dream and plan for our future.

Everyone grows older by the day and ultimately looks back to reflect on what was going on in their previous states of their lives, I can only say for me that I have matured as a human being and I am glad I am doing this progress along the way with photography.

It is really interesting what someone can pick up in such a short period of time. It seems that passion and willingness is a strong motive. I didn’t even realise how time past and that seems to be good. When you don’t have to be miserable about things in your life you ‘re definetely are a happy person.

One of those things that make me happy about photography is that I learn everyday about different approaches in the practice of photography. I enjoy the diversity of people and work that forms the entity of photography. Till now we had many chances to meet the community of photography and the media in general. It is an amazing world, full of creativity but many dangers as well.

We are holding in our hands very powerful tools that can alter ones opinion, or shape the public opinion. There are many examples of bad use of the new and old media throughout our lives. My next goal then would be to find a way to use these tools in the best way and not for any other profit than my satisfaction of offering something useful and honest to the society.

Finally, I am rest assured of any fears I might had about the decisions that lead me here today. I am positive about this course and eager to move on to the next level. I am excited for the knowledge I got and the people I met so far. Truly a sound environment!


Kind regards,

Yourself from the past.


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