Summer Task – A critical reflection

Even though I didn’get the Summer Task on time, I already had some
instructions given to me by Elly Clarke. I also worked on the task after
the summer. I discovered really important information while reading
through John Berger’s book “Ways of Seeing”. The book in itself is
quite provocative to conservative ideals and it will either provoke
the reader to think or upset him. After all every piece of information
we take in every single moment is considered good or bad, acceptable
or not after we filter it and analyse it. The process of filtering down the
information we finally accept as the truth can be biased from many
diferent factors. It’s depended on our state of mind, our superstitions,
or just the way it was delivered. Everything we assume today as truth
tomorrow could be a lie.

The idea of keeping a visual diary was quite impressive. Documenting
all these moments of ones life, the small irrelevant actions, that part
our routine life, instantly makes them important. Suddenly you have
on the record moments that under normal circumstances you wouldn’t
remember the next day. I have many moments like this in my archives
so thought I should include them along with photographs from the time
I wake up till I go back to bed.

I didn’t have time to read Charlotte Cotton’s book “The Photograph as
a Contemporary Art”and the Chapter 5 “Intimate Life” but this would be
a subject I would really want to learn and practice, because I have noticed
I don’t usually take intimate photographs of people around me or even
my self. This will be my next goal in photography. Get closer with people,
photograph them, interact with them and observe their reactions.

The letter to self was a bit awkward and challenging, but I managed to
do it. I was never use to keep a diary, or jotting down my thoughts, but
after all you get to remember your thoughts and ideas!


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