Key Concepts, Critical Analysis (Assignment 1)


For Assignment 1 I took the theme of regeneration and did a case of Coventry. I wanted to show through this Assignment the negative point regeneration can have. I found that Coventry is not handling it’s plans as it should be. In my opinion they are overlooking people’s priorities for the corporations and their money.

I decided to present my work as an e-book. I think that would allow me to distribute faster and easier as it is not physical and it would not cost money. The content of this e-book is challenging the direction regeneration has taken in Coventry, as well as introduce my audience to the meaning of regeneration and the key concepts so it can coexist in harmony with people living in the society undergoing one.

I chose as the most apropriate audience Ella and David. Ella because she lives in the Midlands and quite close to Coventry and because Leicester is undergoing its own regeneration at the moment. I chose David for two reasons. One because he seems to be getting on with technology and the internet, and because he is a young man that should start seeing the issues by people in a society. In a very small time he will out there facing the same issues as we do, if not worse.

I was inspired by Jason Larkin’s “Divided” a view on Cairo’s change and its effects on people. I liked the idea of the newspaper style presenation. It’s also available online as only 5000 copies were printed and distributed for free, something that was quite expensive for me to do.

I decided I wouldn’t manipulate in any way the photographs becuse it would alter the meaning. The photographs and the e-book are freely available. The design was made for being easily redistributed online but made within some printing guidelines so it can be printed as well.


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