City Regeneration Research

Initially I was looking more at the countries that have
a new hyper development like China and the Middle East.
Although I did not choose to use the examples in my final
presentation I learnt many great things.
I focused mostly in the ‘European models’ of regeneration,
to number some of them in France, Netherlands, Sweden,
Germany and of course in Britain.

I found that many cities in England and Scotland are under
re-development in order to make life simpler in a city.

Some key points in a successful regeneration were to
give access in equal opportunities to all citizens and
especially to vulnarable groups of society.

Economic growth of the city along with new business

Re-vitalise central areas of the city by giving them a reform
into something more “green” than it is.

Improve the public transportation network in an effort to
decrease traffic,  hence less tank refills, less polution.

More cultural and educational spaces and material,
these are the things that really make someones life

Although all the above may sound good, not always
the appropriate efforts are done to achieve these goals.

Thats is why I looked into alternative ways,
off the mainstream path. Maybe are ways of
thinking is outdated.

Happily techology along with human ingenuity
will help us build uppon a better future.


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