Google Task


On this task we did something more unusual.
Matt had given several locations along with a
theme for each one of them. The task involved
Google Maps in order locate the desired location
and take various screenshots of the area that
portray the theme linked with each location.

I chose the city of Odessa in Texas along with the
theme “Oil Industry”. I literally had no idea about
this city or its geographical position. After I looked
the name online found more information on the
city and its links with the oil industry.

It seems that in 1927 oil was discovered in the
greater area of Odessa. At that time the area that
it’s defined todaycity of Odessa, has an estimate
population of 750. By the time oil was pumped out
of the ground, that is 1929, the estimate population
had risen to 5,000. Soon after the mid-30’s the Second
World War had started and the U.S.A. was a part of it.
Oil was in high demand and thus the population expanded
to 10,000. Over the years the city had grown from the
oil industry, with several companies pumping oil off
the ground and a United States of America in high
demand; there was only one direction. As of 2010
census the estimated population was close to a
100,000. Oil brought life and financial growth to the
small city of Odessa. What thought is the impact on
the environment? Since the 20’s the area have
undergone an immense landscape reform.

When I started looking in Odessa on the maps my first
thought was that the city had a great suburban/rural
area developed. By closing up thought on the maps the
reality seemed as crude as the oil the pump off the
ground. What looked like a nice area with rural houses,
sparsely  populated, only to zoom in and find out they
were oil pumps.

Another thing someone could notice is the amount of
used car lots and of course via the Google street view
the size of them. Though Americans are known for
making huge cars, having enough oil to burn can be
more reassuring for them.

This workshop was quite helpful for several reasons.
One of them would be engagement with New Media
not only as means of communication but as an artistic
expression. This workshop was influenced in a way by
artists like Michael Wolf that have taken Google street
view in a new level. A second reason would be that I
learned so much information for a place I didn’t know
of and enhanced my appropriation skills.


Oil vs. People


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