Assignment 2 Brief (initial research)

Farming – Rural life – City regeneration


Point 1

Farming was always one of the basic occupations of human.
And is still is. We don’t get to see it everyday if not at all,
because of the super-markets but it’s still there.
I would like to look upon the evolution of farming
technology through history. The means that made
possible to have anything we like in one place,
preserved for days or even months. I am interested
in the machinery that helps farmers. I found an
interest in it when I first visited the Coventry
Transport Museum.


Point 2

Rural Life

We started living in less condensed environments. Our needs were
becoming more and more that we cleared out nature for buildings.
Apparently people living in urban zones started seing the disadvantages.
Especially in Europe people are living packed in comparison to the States
or Russia mostly becuase of the available land. A wave of migration have
started and I would like to research the reasons as well as solutions
on this issue.


Point 3

City Regeneration

The effort to bring our cities up to date. Many instances of urban renewal
are known, mostly thoughout the developed countries, from the 19th
century to the 21st. Not all of them have been succesful but in most
cases they are planned to decrease the urban congestion. The point though
is if they really serve their initial cause, making life easier and more comfortable
for everyone, or just enforce more control over society or work as profit
mechanism for the elite. Our existence on this planet depends on many
variables, counting nature as a major. In order to sustain our existence
we have to sustain and preserve earth’s resources. I would like to look
more into this and if there is a working model or future design that can
bring balance between us and nature.


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