Homage to a Precious Object

We were asked to make homage to a precious object via our photographs. The task had some general guidelines like using analogue photography and maybe some of the kits we were introduced to the first weeks of the module. It really took me a while to think of something precious to me, to be honest I could live without my objects. In conclusion I don’t have a precious object. Everything around me is tools. I try to use them as best as I can to make my life easier.

While difficult I tend to not get too close to objects, because after all there are not the key factors in my life. People are. But as everyone else I have been addicted with objects. I have desire them and still do. I won’t forget that day, around 3 – 4 years ago that I realized how useless objects can be.

I am sort of a tech-freak or was, I calmed down. I used to buy magazines with the latest products. I was building up a dream list of any kind of gadgets one can imagine. I had an image in my head as to where I was going to place every item in my room. Till one day, I imagined myself being able to acquire all these products. My next thought was that in order to make something out of these new products, I should as well stay in my room for ever tied to these objects like a slave. Stay in till I enjoy everything. Till I get bored. That thought sickened me for good.
From that point and after I popped in to tech shops, stroll around the aisles for an hour and then leave. That was my dose. I have reached a point that I don’t care that much anymore; I don’t even know what is the latest processor, or the latest tablet pc. I feel less engaged to these products, hence more free.

A couple of products that have helped my life in an everyday basis are my computer and my hard drives and my camera. Other than these products, the Mamiya RB67 proved to be a great pal in analogue photography since the start of this module.

I decided to call precious object in my life for the past three months the RB67. It was really spontaneous decision as I did not have much time to finish the task, but it was a true decision as I acknowledge its help along my first steps in this module.

For this task I used an Asahi Pentax KM with a SMC Pentax 35mm f3.5
and a B&W Ilford HP5+ ISO 400/27O


Mamiya RB67                    Mamiya RB67

Mamiya RB67                    Mamiya RB67

Mamiya RB67                    Mamiya RB67

Mamiya RB67                    Mamiya RB67


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