Darkroom Paper Research

Two months ago I did a research on darkroom B&W paper in order to find the
best deal online. I only looked in online shops because they have cheapest
paper than in retail stores.

This research not only helped me to find out which was the cheapest paper
around, but learn more brands and what each one provides. There is a huge
range of papers for everything. And that was just black and white.

The results were posted on the facebook group
Coventry University BA Photography 2011-2014
  so as every one has access
to it. I hope it helped everyone find what they were looking for and of course
a second outcome of it was the list of shops available. They are hundreads of
them but I listed the major ones and the very specialists.

Unfortunately it just crossed my mind to post it here, as not everyone has
a facebook page. Also I should givecredits to Ioanna who gave me idea of
making this a part of my sketchbook. Thanks!

The document is open for everyone to contribute.


Darkroom Equipment Prices


Hi everyone! I was looking around the web to find a cheap photographic paper
to start with in the darkroom. I started checking which dealers the product brands
recommended and after some research on some dealers around UK I ended up with
some information. I am a huge fan of the ideology of sharing, so I thought I should
make a report on my findings + online shops list.

You should know though that I did a select product research, meaning

  • Resin Coated
  • Variable Contrast (Multigrade)
  • Black & White
  • 8″x10″ or 20.3×25.4cm (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_size)
  • packet of 100 sheets (because it’s the cheapest and according to tutors we are going to use the darkroom a lot)
  • Kentmere VC Select 8″x10″ RC Gloss

Glossy, Matte or Fine Lustre are on the same price (Kentmere not Ilford)

Online Shops

* very few products
**out of comparison

Results (all prices include VAT \\\ Standard UK Delivery selected)


* very few products
**out of comparison

Personal Assessment

I don’t prefer Kentmere for a particular reason, I chose it because it’s up to £10 cheaper than Ilford and according to Ag-Photographic  it’s a popular alternative to Ilford.
I found that other brands like Adox, Foma, Ilford, Fuji, Fotospeed were £5-20 more expensive than Kentmere.

Found an exception to the rule and it’s called Silverprint PROOF and it’s branded by http://www.silverprint.co.uk 

VC glossy resin coated paper, with a ‘mid-field’ contrast range, designed to suit most well exposed and processed negatives. Available at a budget price, aimed at the educational market, and for general work prints. Normally in 9.5×12″ as well as 8×10″, a new making is on the way and it should be back in stock shortly.

PROOF VC 8×10″ 50sheet [Matt variable-contrast RC] £12.00

PROOF VC 9.5×12″ 50sheet [Matt variable-contrast RC] £16.00

I don’t know if it’s quality matches Kentmere’s or Ilford’s but it’s definetely a good starting point for the first sessions in the darkroom.


If you have anything cheaper or better (or both) to contribute in this “report” please feel free to do so. I didn’t spent a lifetime on this thing so it’s not THE guide on paper. (comment or post any other online shops you know)Hope it helps you as it did for me,

Thanks in advance,



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