Greater than the Whole

During the second week we received the second task which was to produce  a cumulative portrait of a structure that cannot be readily be portrayed in it’s entirety in one frame.We had to work with an analogue camera, thus meaning one of the Mamiya models (RB67, 7) we were taught the previous week. We had to shoot in black and white film, an ISO of 125 and of course a medium format roll of C40 chemistry so we can develop it in the FP40 processor. Along with this task we were taught how to use the processor and the basic skills on how to make a B&W print in the darkroom.

I chose the Mamiya RB67 to work with and it gave pretty good results. Ioanna, a classmate preferred the Mamiya 7, so she thought a good idea would  be to work on both of the cameras without having to rent out both of them, each one of us. So I had experience of working collaboratively and to get my hands on both of these great cameras. I liked both of them, but I really fell in love with the RB67! It gives an amazing clarity, a great focus and of course because you time to set it up, you literally take your time before the shot.

for slideshow go to the old post


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