Topographics Task

Bernd and Hilla Becher inspired photographs

Bernd and Hilla Becher were German artists, working as a collaborative duo. Best known for their work on industrial buildings and structures in Germany which had already start to disappear.

I got inspired by their photography or typography because I admire industrial architecture and because their photographs are depicting things as they were. A great dose of reality came out of their work.

Another fascinating thing about their work is the documentation of such structures, which intrigues me, as it’s a part of human history and it should be kept. If not standing, at least via photography or any other means.

Some or their work which inspired me the most:

Blast Furnace Heads
Gas Coolers
Gas Holders

Bernd and Hilla Becher

As this task had some limitations in time and places, I could definitely not take a tour around England or even the WestMidlands to document
industrial buildings. Thought I had some thoughts on what could I find around the City Center of Coventry.

If you go a couple of years back in British history, particularly during Tony Blair’s government,between 1997-2007, you will find out that his government filled Britain with cameras. Cameras or CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) were put in place in order to secure the citizens from any
kind of danger. Or that’s what we ‘ve been told. Over the years which followed Britain had more cameras per person than any other country in the world. And since this is not a political forum I ‘ll stop right here.

So I chose my subject. As an outcome of this story you understand that it wasn’t that difficult to find what I wanted in the streets of Coventry.

Now, if you ask yourself “where are the industrial buildings” I ‘ll answer there’s none. The idea was to work in parallel with their technique. I started taking photographs of any kind of camera I would find on the specified places on the map. Though the cameras are not the sole subject
of my task. I wanted to show through my photographs how these cameras have blended with the buildings, the city, the society and our lives. There are everywhere and look at everything. These days you can find cameras even in the countryside.

From this point I present you with my work.
Big Brother’s many eyes:

CCTV9 – “The Pole Dancers”
CCTV8 – “HAL 9000”
CCTV16 – “The Regular”

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