Goals & Expectations

In the first week, the so called induction week, I had the chance to meet my
tutor, Jonathan.While discussing over what a tutor is and what he can do for
me, he asked me to set a goal for christmas. It wasn’t hard to set one because
I ‘ve already done so. I ‘ve set as my goal to read “Ways of Seeing” by John
Berger, which was recommended to me by Elly. Jonathan recommended I
should also read the books I had to read during the summer. I hope I can do
that much reading, it’s something new to me having read only a couple of books.

A second goal I set this very day is that I should “master”, as possible as it can
be, the darkroom basic techniques. I rented out some books on basic and
advanced skills. In my opinion, the darkroom seems to be much more difficult
than reading some books, because as I understood on the tutorial we had, it’s
basically doing the photograph all over again. I had the idea that taking the
picture was the hard part.


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